Since the launch of the DailyStrikers back in 2017, we’re on a mission to bring daily fantasy football to every football fan around the world.

We’ve somehow attracted thousands of football fanatics to coming back, reading fantasy football news, tips and tricks. Along the way, we realized that we’re missing something. We didn’t want just read and write about daily fantasy football, we wanted to play!

But, it wasn’t possible without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars (euros) week in week out.

We couldn’t find a free site where it is possible play just for fun and pride, and win some cool prizes along the way. One day, we decided to change the status quo of daily fantasy football, bringing free platform to all fans.

Just for sweat from the game.

And we’re here. Playing daily fantasy football every week with you on DailyStrikers, and it wouldn’t be possible without you. SO THANK YOU! However, the most enjoyable fantasy football part is watching football with your friends, winning tournament and proving yourself that you’re football expert.

The more opponents you beat, the bigger fantasy football legend you become.

And here, we would like to ask for a little help. The best thing you can do for us is spreading word about DailyStrikers: convince your friends to join DailyStrikers and start playing. It’s easy and free so why not?

We appreciate your support and we prove it! We have prepared rewards for you, ready to pick up, if you share DailyStrikers and bring users to the site.

The goods

Note: exact styles may vary depending on what’s available and your club’s preferences

So what do you say?…Wanna join?