Champion’ Must-Haves: 3 Picks for Gameweek 5

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Hi all, it’s FPL Champion here and welcome to my article on weekly competitions.

The guys over at DailyStrikers have their own little fantasy game, very similar to the one we all know and love, where you can use your football knowledge and gut feeling to win yourselves some fantastic prizes. There are all sorts of prizes up for grabs including official football jerseys, games consoles and even a years’ worth of premium membership for the DailyStrikers website. That premium membership will let you access loads of great premium articles and content written by some of the greatest minds across the FPL community.

The competition itself will take a select group of football games and give a $100k budget to spend a starting 11 of players who are playing in those games. You’ll select your team and sit back as you watch the points the roll in.

The weekly competitions are also completely unique, meaning you can pick a different squad of 11 every time, without having to worry about transfers.

One fantastic prize on offer this week is an official Arsenal shirt, and as an Arsenal fan myself, how could I resist the temptation?

To give you guys an idea of who I am opting for, here’s a few must-haves who will definitely be in my team. These choices are all great options in the Official FPL game too!

Marcos Alonso (Chelsea, 8.2k)

Goalonso himself. This man has had a simply incredible start to the Premier League season so far. This absolute machine has a goal, FIVE assists and two clean sheets so far this season… in only four games!

Image: Marcos Alonso (wikimedia)

On the Official FPL website, he has taken a fantastic 44 points in total, that’s an average of 11 points per game!

Chelsea come against Cardiff at home in their next fixture. Cardiff failed to score in three of their four opening games. The only match in which they found the net was against Arsenal… but let’s be honest, most teams would not struggle to find the net against Arsenal at the moment!

Alonso himself is listed as a defender and therefore picks up on the clean sheet points. Chelsea are heavy favourites to win, so that’s some extra points to consider. Alonso also has taken 12 shots so far this season which for a defender is fantastic after only four weeks. His goal threat and assist form are a massive bonus. You are basically getting an attacking midfielder who also gets full clean sheet points for only $8.2k!

I’ve backed Chelsea to keep a clean sheet in my team. I’ve also brought Kepa and Rudiger into my team.

Sergio Aguero (Manchester City, 12.6k)


When we have Aguero in our team, we all love to scream (or Tweet) the above when he scores. Aguero is a world class striker and performs season in, season out. Aguero has already has a hattrick to his name this season and has also managed to hit the woodwork three times, more than any other player! Sergio also leads the way for total shots this season taking 20 so far. That’s five per game.

For me Aguero is not a rotation risk yet. With one key fixture a week, I can’t see Pep opting for Jesus over Aguero. It just does not make sense.

Aguero is a player we also know has a very ceiling, meaning he can score anywhere from a single assist to a whopping five goals. You just never know. When we look at players like Salah we usually expect a single goal, maybe two, but rarely anything more than that. This is just another reason I think Aguero is a must-have.

Fulham have conceded nine goals so far this season, with only West Ham and Huddersfield conceding more. Manchester City on the other hand have scored the most goals (11). We could easily see a 4-0 pasting this weekend!

Benjamin Mendy (Manchester City, 7.8k)

Another vital Manchester City asset who seems immune to rotation is Mendy.

Mendy has been in fine form this season, much like Alonso above.

Mendy has a clean sheet and five assists to his name in only four games. In Official FPL this has given him a fantastic 32 points so far this season. The level of assists naturally comes down to the number of crosses he has made. Mendy has made 27 crosses across his four games this season with only Kieran Trippier of Tottenham Hotspur making more.

Mendy is also a goal threat himself with 6 shots so far this season. He gets himself into some great positions and it is only a matter of time before he is on the scoresheet.

I’ve discussed the goal scoring / conceding figures when talking over Aguero. I feel there is a high chance Manchester City keep the clean sheet which makes Mendy absolutely fantastic value for money, especially as he is almost certainly going to take some Win points and Assist points along the way.

So there we have three of my must-have picks for the coming weekend. If you think you can do better than me then sign up for a free account at and enter yourself in the tournament and be sure to check out the other great content available on the site.

Good luck!


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