Eligibility to accumulate StrikerPoints


Our fantasy game is free for all members. All members can cumulate StrikerPoints which can be changed in our reward room.

How you can gain StrikerPoints


When you become a member, you’re starting to cumulate StrikerPoints. You can gain these points for a various actions on the site, such as:

– Daily log-in (+1Pts) – one log-in per day

– Become a member (+10Pts) – when you become a member, you get points

– Play eSports Fantasy – in our free fantasy game, we will give away a large number of points on daily basis

Participation in eSports fantasy contests


You have to be a member of our site to participate in our eSports fantasy.

When you become a member, you can participate in as many contests as you want. The more contests you participate in, the higher your chance of winning points and get rewards.

The game is completely free for all members.

Rules and scoring


All fantasy contests are available in the contests lobby. Go to the lobby.

Each contest consists of few eSports matches, including world-famous eSports leagues such as IEM Katowice, WESG, World Championships and more.

After player enters a specific fantasy contest, he has to bet on all matches in this contest – home win, tie, or away win (similar to sports betting). When he’s satisfied with bets, confirms all picks.

In this stage, player’s work ends. Now, player can watch a stream of these matches and relax.

After the matches are played in real life, our team will evaluate results.

For every correct bet, player gets +30 tournament points. Player’s goal is to accumulate as much tournaments points as possible.

When all matches included in the specific contest are played, our team evaluate results and bets of all players, and the best players from each contest win StrikerPoints.

The number of players which receive StrikerPoints is announced at the start of each contest (and players can see this information in contest page).

Players collect StrikerPoins over the time, and they can change them for rewards. See all available rewards.

Point system (Final point calculation) does not use any third party for fantasy points evaluation, all data is processed internally by our specialized team. Our decision is final, but we reserve the right for any later changes. By your participation in the games, you agree with our terms and conditions.