Most frequent questions and answers

You bet on your favorite eSports teams, and they play in real games. If your teams win, you score points in fantasy tournaments. You compete with other eSports enthusiasts like you, and try to win fantasy tournaments.

Because it’s fun! Plus, by playing on our site, you collect gaming points for winning in our fantasy tournaments, and you can change these points for rewards.

Yes! You can play eSports fantasy for free on DailyStrikers. The only condition is to create a free account on our site.

At the moment, we have available all types of giftcards for PlayStation, Xbox and Steam for which you can shop in the respective stores. Explore all rewards here.

When you have enough points available for your dream reward, just go to the reward room, pick your reward and click on ‘order’ button. Fill out the form and that’s it. We’ll send you the reward.

Create your free account here, go to the tournaments lobby and pick your contests. That’s all.

You can see tournaments lobby in the menu when you log into your account.