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Champion’ Transfers: The best targets with and without Free Hit

Well blank gameweek 31 has been and gone and wow, what a week!

Most of us were expecting a pretty bland gameweek and for the first 45 minutes of the 3pm kick offs, it really was. However the second half saw goals from Stanislas and Tosun, and another jammy penalty for owners of Milivojevic (yes – I’m salty about it). However once the 5:30pm kick off rolled around, things escalated quickly when Salah took an absoloutely outstanding 29 points on the one week almost every live team had him captained. If you didn’t exceed 100 points, you probably dropped in rank. Incredible.

Looking forward we have our second set of double gameweek fixtures announced, with gameweek 34 being the host.

The most attractive transfer targets

Of the teams that play twice in gameweek 34, Leicester, Manchester United and Chelsea have the best fixtures (as follows):

Leicester – Burnley away followed by Southampton at home
United – West Brom at home followed by Bournemouth away
Chelsea – Southampton away followed by Burnley away

So, the obvious course of action is to load up on players from these teams correct? Maybe. Annoyingly none of the teams who play twice in gameweek 34 play in gameweek 35, so if you expended your Free Hit you need to ensure you have cover for gameweek 35, but we’ll get to that later.

Mahrez has been incredible for Leicester this season and is a must have. He faces Brighton away and Newcastle at home before gameweek 34, you’d struggle to ask for better fixtures. He’ll be looking to add to his 10 goals and 11 assists as he seeks a move to Manchester City.

Vardy is another great option, as is a clean sheet player as Leicester should hopefully now keep a few clean sheets after a long spell without one.

Lukaku has 14 goals and 7 assists to his name this season and faces Swansea next, although faces Man City in gameweek 33 (a confirmed 2 pointer for Lukaku I imagine). Lukaku could be a great option to see out the season, however be wary of United players. If City win the league vs United in gameweek 33, United’s confidence will take one hell of a knock.

United offer fantastic defensive options too, with De Gea offering a very good chance at racking up a clean sheet or two.

For Chelsea, Alonso and Willian stand out. Willian has been one of the best players in a Chelsea shirt this season when he has played, racking up a great amount of goals and assists given his minutes played. Alonso is always a goal threat and is not unfamiliar with a 14 or 15 point return.

Are you without Free Hit?

If you don’t have your Free Hit however, you may be looking more to other teams so you can have a full starting 11 through gameweek 34 and 35. Teams to look to for these players are Liverpool (a double or triple up is a no brainer in my opinion), Watford and Arsenal.

If you load up on double gameweek players for gameweek 34 and don’t have your free hit, you’ll be left with your pants down in gameweek 35 as barely any of your team will play!

Liverpool are fantastic for FPL, so having Salah, VVD / Robertson and Mane / Firmino is a good method. Liverpool have no blank gameweeks, but no double gameweeks either.

As for Watford, one or two players could be useful. A cheap defender and the likes of Doucoure or Richarlison saves a lot of funds.

Arsenal to me are worth two or three slots in your team. Aubameyang is off to a great start in the Premier League despite Arsenal’s few weeks of extremely poor form. His former team mate from Dortmund, Mkhitaryan, is also a great option at outstanding value in a midfield slot. A defender too could be worth a shout, with Monreal and Mustafi both posing as goals threat although the pair are injury prone.

As I don’t have my Free Hit anymore (used that for gameweek 31) I will be looking to the players from Arsenal to ensure I have a strong starting 11, but will try and squeeze double gameweek players in as well. I’ll aim for 9 players in gameweek 35.

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