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Chovy Continues his LCK Dominance

Weeks after establishing a massive 104 KDA in one of the biggest regions in the competitive League of Legends scene, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon remains atop the LCK leaderboard with the fewest deaths and a staggering 42.67 kill-death-assist ratio. The Griffin mid laner, touted to rival the legendary Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok this year, has wasted no time in showing Korea, and the rest of the world, why his team is the one to beat.

At the time of writing, Griffin are 6-0 in the LCK standings, with key wins over the newly rebuilt SKT T1, Kingzone DragonX, as well as the 2nd placed Sandbox Gaming. These wins proved to be big for a Griffin squad out for revenge after narrowly missing out on a Worlds berth in 2018. Deemed to be the best team to miss out on a place at the prestigious event, Griffin might have felt cheated given their strong performances in the 2018 Summer Split, despite a mediocre Spring tournament. Regardless of their results last year, the vigour and hunger to avoid the same mistakes is evident, with their sweep of Gen.G in the KeSPA Cup and the strong start to the 2019 season putting their renewed confidence on display in a region that was underwhelming when it mattered most.

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It was this rather spectacular failure by the Korean teams at worlds that led to many revamped and rebuilt squads. Going into the start of the LCK Regular Season, it appeared as if there were several new “super teams” that could take the title of the best team in Korea, though now it is clear that Griffin are at the forefront of the challenge, with all 5 members of their roster taking out first-to-fifth in the LCK KDA rankings. Chovy, of course, leads the charge with an impressive 42.67 KDA and an average death-to-game ratio of 0.23. With strong stats all across the board, Chovy is showing that he’s the player to watch as the LCK squads battle for their place in the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).

There’s still a long way to go for this new Griffin roster, but one thing is certain: if anyone wants to be the frontrunner to redeeming Korea’s poor performance at worlds, Chovy, and the rest of the super-team, are waiting to take on any challenger.

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