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Buying YEARLY package you will get access to the membership articles,  courses and UNIQUE LOYALTY PROGRAM for 12 months for only €1.50 per month (50% discount comparing to monthly membership)!



  • Regular Articles
  • Free Courses
  • Free fantasy football game
  • Monthly leaderboard

€ 18


  • Only €1.50/month
  • 50% discount
  • VIP Articles
  • VIP & Free Courses
  • Regular Articles
  • Unique loyalty program
  • Free fantasy football game
  • Monthly leaderboard

€ 3


  • VIP Articles
  • VIP Courses
  • Regular Articles
  • Unique loyalty program
  • Free fantasy football game
  • Monthly leaderboard

the best fpl managers

We collaborate with the best FPL managers and thanks to it, you will have access to the minds of the best in the industry.

Unique loyalty program

One of the best benefits of membership content is our loyalty program. You read articles, play our free fantasy football game and get points which you can change in our reward room.

Exclusive content

Our membership contains unique fantasy football articles and VIP fantasy football courses which you don't find elsewhere. Learn the game and beat your opponent.

Monthly leaderboard

When you become a member, you automatically participate in our monthly leaderboard - get points for a various actions on the site and take your chance to win monthly leaderboard.

Frequently asked questions

Premium membership (€3 monthly or €18 yearly) includes a premium content from the best FPL players around. You will get access to the VIP content like regular weekly articles and premium courses which help you to become better FPL player. On top of that, the premium members can participate on our unique loyalty program in which you earn StrikersPoints for various actions on the site and those points can be changed in the reward room for the awesome prizes.

In premium membership you will get access to the VIP articles and courses alongside with participating in our unique loyalty program. It’s not possible in the free membership.

Yearly membership provides more value as you will save 50% of the monthly price, and will pay only €1.50 per month.

Premium articles and also courses are available for all premium members.

Premium articles are published on weekly basis and helping you to build a better squad for each gameweek.

Premium courses are published on unregular basis and our experts bring you insightful informations from years of experience of playing fantasy football.

Yes. The fantasy football game is completely free. By playing this game, you can win StrikerPoints which are counted in our monthly leaderboard. 

Every member (free or premium) can participate in our monthly leaderboard. The member gets StrikerPoints during a month for a various actions on the site. These points are cumulate over month, and member with most points at the end of the month (23:59 on the last day of the month) will win a premium yearly membership.

If you can benefit from our loyalty program, you have to be a premium member.

All members earn StrikerPoints during a month for a various actions on the site, such as winning free fantasy football tournaments, daily log-in, sharing with friends, etc. These points are counted in our monthly leaderboard. At the end of every month, players with premium membership get these StrikerPoints converted to Premium StrikerPoints which can be used in our reward room, and all non-premium StrikerPoints are deleted. Every member starts the new month with zero non-premium StrikerPoints.

It’s not possible to cancel a membership which you already paid and get your money back. If you want to cancel membership for the next month, then yes, it’s possible. In your account, you have to cancel your membership before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month’s membership fees.

We accept credit/debit cards – Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, and also PayPal.

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