Win Arsenal T-Shirt in Daily Fantasy Football

The first promotion from many which we promised at the start of the 2018/19 season is here! If you’re a regular member of DailyStrikers, maybe you already noticed that we opened special tournament in the games lobby with Arsenal T-Shirt as a 1st prize.

Wait, you’re a newcomer on DailyStrikers and you didn’t hear about daily fantasy football before? Okay, let’s make a quick introduction for you.

So, what’s going on here?

Daily Fantasy Football is a game in which you get a budget of 100K and you have to pick your best eleven players for one particular gameweek. Then, your team will compete in a fantasy tournament against other participants. Little confusing? Let’s look at an example.

It’s gameweek 5 in the Premier League. You get a 100K budget and you have to pick your best eleven (1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 4 midfielders, 3 forwards) for GW5 of Premier League games with maximum of 3 players from one club.

Important note, every player has a price-tag and you can’t exceed the 100K budget with your team.

When your team is final and ready, you enter your team to the tournament and that’s all. From now, you can just sit in front of TV and watch games and have fun.

Your players will gain points for actions during a game like goals, assists, shots on target, clean sheets, saves and more. All of that is counted into your overall tournament score and evaluated after all games are played, and then, the teams with the best overall score will win.

What do you win, you ask?

In this particular case, you can win Arsenal T-Shirt as we mentioned above but we offer even more rewards.

DailyStrikers is a free fantasy football provider so it means that you don’t enter money into tournaments. We organize free tournaments in which you can win prizes like football t-shirts, scarfs and other merchandising of your favorite club, or you can win points in our tournaments, become a premium member of the website and change these points for rewards like Xbox, games, books, football merchandising and more (Check out the rewards).

Premium membership has even more benefits as you can learn how to play fantasy football as a PRO from DailyStrikers’ experts who play fantasy football for years in their premium strategy articles.

Tempting right?

If you’re interested in playing daily fantasy football, you can register on the website for free and try fantasy football in our special tournament and win Arsenal T-Shirt or our premium membership.

In conclusion, here are a few reasons why you should try daily fantasy football:

  • It’s fun – all of a sudden, watching football games is extremely addictive and more interesting
  • Win prizes – you can win t-shirts, football shirts and other stuff of your favorite club
  • It’s far cheaper than betting because it’s free
  • Compete your friends and prove them that you’re the real football expert

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