How do I get a Steam gift card for free?

Is the gaming platform Steam your second home? If so, you’re on the best place on the planet Earth because you just found out how to add money to your Steam wallet for FREE!


Here on DailyStrikers, you can get gift cards of various value, starting at €5, with €10, €25, €50 and €100 value available too. And what’s best? You don’t have to spend any money.


We offer all of these gift cards for the Steam Powered website as a reward for playing and winning in our free esports prediction game.

The only thing you have to do is create an account on our website (100% FREE, no commitments), and predict outcomes of esports matches (you will find available matches in the lobby). For every correct prediction, you get one point. Then, you just have to accumulate as many points as possible and exchange these points for Steam gift cards (or any other reward that we offer).


There’s no restriction. The more you play, the quicker you win.


You can win as many gift cards as possible, just by playing and watching esports games.


Easy, right? So don’t be shy.

Here are three steps how to get a Steam gift card for free:


Step 1) First, sign up for your free DailyStrikers account here

Step 2) Predict outcomes of esports matches and win virtual points

Step 3) Redeem points for Steam gift cards of your preferred value for free

How do Steam gift cards work?

When you redeem winning points for a Steam gift card (you can do that in your profile, log in), our staff will contact you shortly via email.


In the email, we’ll ask you for a Steam account (your nickname) to be credited with your gift card.


And that’s it! You can use your new gift card for purchasing on Steam.

What is a Steam card used for?

Steam gift cards and codes are used for purchasing on Steam Powered website. You can use it for buying games, software and all other gaming accessories.



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