Rules and scoring

Eligibility to accumulate StrikerPoints

Our fantasy game is free for all members. All members can cumulate StrikerPoints which can be changed in our reward room, however, some of the rewards are available only for members with premium membership.

Check below how you can gain StrikerPoints:

When you become a member (free or premium), you’re starting to cumulate StrikerPoints. You can gain these points for a various actions on the site, such as:

  • Daily log-in (+1) – one log-in per day
  • Become a member (+10) – when you become a free member you get +10 points.
  • Play Fantasy – in our free fantasy game, we will give away a large number of points every gameweek.

Fantasy Football game rules and scoring

Check the rules and scoring of our free fantasy Premier League game. Only members (free or premium) can participate in this game.

Lineup requirements

You pick 11 players into your team with a budget of 100K. You have to pick the following:

  • 1 goalkeeper
  • 3 defenders
  • 4 midfielders
  • 3 strikers

The value of your team can’t exceed 100K.
There is no captaincy in any of our games.
When picking your line-up, you can choose 3 players from one team at most.


Goal: +10
Assist: +6
Win*: +2
Shot on goal: +0.5
Playing time up to 60 minutes:  +1
Playing time over 60 minutes: +2 (in total)
Achieving a penalty (goal or not): +2

Clean sheet (GK,D)*: +4
Saves (GK): +0.5
Penalty kick save (GK): +3
Goal conceded (GK): -1

Penalty kick miss: -5
Yellow card: -1
Red card: -3
Causing a penalty (goal or not): -2
Own goal: -2

Scoring notes

  • The player will have to play at least 60:00 minutes to be credited clean sheet and win bonus. Playing time does not include any injury time, only minutes 1-45 in the first half and 46-90 in the second half counts.
  • In the instance where a player gets 2 yellow cards, the player will get a total of -3 Pts for a red card.
  • Extra time/penalty shootout: Clean sheet is awarded after Extra time is completed if the player has played more than 60 minutes. If there is a penalty shoot-out, points for win are awarded after the penalty shoot-out. Players don’t receive points for goals scored in the penalty shoot-out.
  •  Penalty save by keeper means he actually saves the penalty. If player hits the post, crossbar without the keeper touching the ball or player misses the target, it’s not counting as successful penalty save.

Tie Breaker Rule

The tie breaker rule is used only in satellite tournaments. In classic tournaments, strikerchips are divided to players on the same position equally.

In satellite tournaments, if two or more players rack up the same amount of fantasy points, the following decides their placement in the table:

  1. The budget used – the team with the lower budget will be ranked higher
  2. The number of goals scored – the team who scored more goals will be ranked higher (counted only goals scored by players in your team)
  3. The number of assists scored – the team who scored more assists will be ranked higher (counted only assists scored by players in your team)
  4. Fair play rule – the team who conceded less fantasy points for yellow and red cards will be ranked higher
  5. Shots on goal – the team who gained more fantasy points for shots on goal will be ranked higher

Point System (Final Point Calculation) does not use any third party for fantasy points evaluation, all data is processed internally by our specialized team. Our decision is final, but we reserve the right for any later changes. By your participation in the games, you agree with our terms and conditions.

Cancelled, Postponed, and Rescheduled Matches

In the event of a fixture being cancelled, postponed or rescheduled to a time outside of the original Scoring Period, all players from this game will be given 0 points.

Participants have a time until the first match of the tournament kick-off to remove and replace players from cancelled, postponed or rescheduled matches.