Leaderboards and challenges

Learn more about leaderboards and challenges

Leaderboards are located in your profile page and display your results in each game, how successful you are comparing to your friends or all users on DailyStrikers.

Challenges are specific leaderboards created for one event or limited period of time. In challenges, you can win exclusive prizes. Explore all challenges.

We divide leaderboards onto your results, friends leaderboard, and global leaderboard.

There are number of points you won in each game, cumulating from your sign up.

You participate in these leaderboards automatically when you sign up on DailyStrikers.

If a challenge is available for your country (or region), you start earning points automatically.

In leaderboards, nothing. You fight for your pride among your friends and DS users. But points you earn for successful predictions can be changed for rewards.

In challenges, you can win exclusive prizes that are associated to the challenge.

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